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Thanks for stopping by. My musical output over the years has been varied: songwriting, composing, arranging, playing, performing and recording a variety of genres from Indie pop to classical. Most recently I have composed four neo-classical / contemporary piano pieces which you can listen to below. A fifth piece is in underway...
If you are interested in the sheet music, please do send me a message.

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I live in Gipsy Hill in South East London. Grew up in Orpington and was taught the piano and more successfully the violin from the age of 7. I had a somewhat ‘relaxed’ (read as ‘lazy’) attitude toward my musicianship when I was young, but enjoyed my years in the Bromley Youth Symphony Orchestra and more enthusiastically the Bromley Youth Chamber Orchestra. The Chamber orchestra toured in Belgium, Edinburgh, Yugoslavia, Shrewsbury, Hook Norton and Vienna, all of which were life-changing experiences. I chose not pursue academic music beyond o’level and grade 8 violin, being more interested at the time in a career in drama, film and television, which I studied at The University College of Ripon and York St John (now called York St John University).


 In the late 80's and 90's I spent my time in various rock / indie pop bands as a keyboard player and backing singer: Chutzpah, Rainchaser and Victoria. None of which had any notable success, but all of which were of course, utterly brilliant. About 6 months after we played our final Victoria gig at The Monarch in Camden in 1997, former members; Ed (singer/songwriter), Julian (guitar) and myself decided to record some more songs rather than just hang out, drink beer and talk crap. Ed had written some new songs post-Victoria, Jules and I loved them and it seemed a crime to waste them. I had a digi 8-track recorder gathering dust, so we set to work. We continued doing this until eventually we had enough songs in 1999 to release an album (with help from the technical wizardly of Steve Cooper) under the new name of HUCKSTER:  - Indie Pop music at its best. 22 years later, Huckster is still going strong, sometimes with Jules, sometimes without when he is off galavanting in some far flung corner of the world. We have never performed live as Huckster and it is unlikely we ever will.


In 2013, (15 years after playing my last live gig with Victoria), I was asked to join the band Jay Scott and The Find. The temptation of playing in front of an actual audience again after so many years proved irresistible, so signed up. It was an amazing experience and I met some wonderful people along the way. Three years later, having gigged in Madrid, Siguenza, Sardinia and Guernsey as well as extensively in London & UK and recorded an album with producer Steve Power (which was sadly never released), including recording professional strings for 4 of the songs at Abbey Road Studios, I decided I’d had enough of pretending to be young again, and had also tired of humping a heavy keyboard + equipment around, so instead decided to refocus my attention on my long-neglected love of classical music and my violin.  Having just been made redundant from my job, it was the perfect opportunity for a complete life-change, so I left Jay Scott and The Find, picked up my violin with earnest and my dusty old Schradieck technique exercise book, and soon after, in 2016 joined the South East London Orchestra (SELO), a local amateur symphony orchestra comprised of an incredibly talented group of local musicians and delivering 5 concerts a year.


With this return to the orchestral world of symphonic classical music, I found that my idle doodlings on the piano changed dramatically. Piqued by curiosity, I decided  to run with one of these doodlings to see where it led and before I knew it in late 2018, I had finished my first piano composition: Gipsy Hill Serenade. This was followed in 2019 by The Autumn Quietus and Midnight Reverie, and in 2020 by Circus. A fifth piece is underway. I couldn't tell you who I am influenced by, because it is probably everyone from Tchaikovsky to Radiohead. I’m therefore not really sure if these pieces fall under the genre of neo-classical, new classical, avant-garde, new wave, contemporary classical or one of the numerous other genres out there, but I do know that they come directly from my heart and soul. 




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